In that world of self-employment where you have to remain on your ‘best behaviour’ in order to keep your business afloat; that’s one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why I left full time employment.

I AM NOT A ROBOT. So, it’s time to come clean…

Meet me properly – Faye D Jones: Wannabe Queen of Pilates (I guarantee to drop the ‘wannabe’ one day soon!), with a moderately foul mouth, and a total obsession with anything edible, (even with my 3 and a half stone weight loss, I am will never give up cheese or wine….or chocolate). A joking, sometimes annoying, fun-loving, attention whore!

Unfortunately for me, I managed to inherit my dad’s swimmers shoulders, along with my mum’s classic thunder thighs and sloppy metabolic rate *rolls eyes*.
I will never have legs like Kayla Itsines, and my stomach will only be flat on very few occasions. I don’t look like a fitness model, nor do I eat, train or act like one! But don’t be fooled – I know my shit!

Regardless of what you may think when you see me teach, there are times where my body is screaming just as loudly as yours! Now, don’t get me wrong, my fitness levels aren’t dire – but nevertheless, I have mastered the art of ‘powering through’, and sometimes rely solely on my competitive nature to battle on through the tremble!

I’m just like you – I go through the fitness up’s and down’s. There can be weeks that go by where I just cannot be arsed!And I don’t bother to hide it! And then there are times where my mojo is on full form.

If you are coming to my class, you can expect someone real. Someone just like you. I want to banish any expectation that you’d have a straight-laced, old school, polite, meek fitness instructor who will preach to you about your bodies!
The truth is, when you first start, I really don’t give a shit how terribly inflexible you are, or how puffed out you might get on the first track. EVERYONE FEELS THE SAME WAY! We’re all, for some reason, embarrassed about showing exhaustion! Trust me, there are days where my legs are chewed after the 3 minute plié track…and I’m the instructor…AND IT’S MY OWN GOD DAMN CHOREOGRAPHY!

So, the year of 2017. Coming clean to you about who your instructor really is…
…and all I can say, is she’s a fucking whirlwind!

Happy New Year – hope to see you soon. Peace Fxo

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  1. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    I friggin’ love this!! I’ve been to your classes before & enjoyed them, then we got a cheap gym membership as a couple so started going there, and the instructor was good but terrifying!! She was tiny, and flexible, and never showed any signs that she was cracking just minutes in.

    As it does, life took over & our cheap membership became really expensive as we had no time to go & the trip to the gym was more hassle than we can be bothered with.

    Reading this has brought a little spark back…maybe I can be brave and try again. Thank you for your honesty you awesome whirlwind you!!

      FDJ PILATES says:

      Aww what a lovely comment, Sonia 🙂
      It’s so easy to fall out of the fitness routine, and it’s so hard getting back in to it.
      Definitely be brave! And you know where I am if you need a little boost back in to the swing of things 🙂


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