8 things you’ll need for an FDJ Pilates class.
It’s the one question that every new person will ask – and for good reason. If you’ve never been to an FDJ Pilates class before, you’ll want to be prepared. So, here it is:-

1. Water Bottle

This is a MUST! Be prepared with a drink! You’ll be surprised at how much I challenge your body in class, and the last thing you want is to walk out with a headache from dehydration. It’s essential you replenish your body with the moisture it’s going to lose.

drink your effing water

2. Sports Bra

This is so important if you’re fortunate to have a decent sized rack! Not only is it super annoying when you can’t contain your puppies, but it can also be damaging to the tissues if they are not sufficiently supported. Sports bra’s don’t have to be expensive. If you’re not a huge fitness fan then you really don’t need to go all out with a £30 bra! I’d highly recommend Forever 21 when looking for your sports bra. Not only are they lovely looking, but they offer a good amount of support, extremely comfortable, and they do not break the bank. Now a Pilates class isn’t high impact, so you pretty much have the pick of them all.

I bought this light blue medium support sports bra about 3 weeks ago (along with about 6 others!) and this one is my absolute favourite…

things to bring fdj pilates class

But, spend some time and have a look at the selection of sports bras available on their website. They range from around £9 to about £13.

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3. Commitment

This one won’t cost you a penny, but you will have to seriously dig deep for it! I can (almost!) guarantee that attending class will make you feel better, even if you feel like you’d rather chop off your own legs than go! Do it for yourself – you have no idea how much you need it (I wrote a bit more about how much your body needs it, so you can catch up). Commit yourself – if you’re sure you want to give it a go, book yourself a class, and commit to doing it.

Then there’s commitment within class…
Routines are choreographed so just remember that each exercise will only last for approximately 3-4 minutes before it’s done and dusted. It may be challenging, it may be hard, but commit yourself to doing your best for those 3-4 minutes and you’ll seriously thank yourself.

4. That Hairband

You want to try and eliminate everything annoying from your workout – especially, if working out is an annoyance to you in itself! The worst thing is getting hair in your mouth and eyes when you’re concentrating hard on controlling your trembling muscles and deep, heavy breathing. Not only is it annoying, but having your hair down and around your face can really overheat you! Don’t give yourself any kind of hinderance, pop your hairband on your water bottle so you don’t forget it.

5. Banter

Even if you’re more of a ‘sit on the sideline’ sorta gal (or guy!), be prepared for the banter. Depending on what day, class, or what the bloody weather’s doing, the banter can be rife. This isn’t your formal/nobody makes a sound/do as your told type class – it’s a let loose and prepare to have a giggle sort of place. You are in no way obliged to pitch in whilst everybody else rips in to me (in the nicest way possible), but be prepared to listen to it! The plus side? The hour literally disappears! You don’t even notice what the time is between the banter and the banging tunes. Definitely the best way to work out: not watching the clock!

6. A Friend

Trust me, I know how nerve-racking it is to go to a new class alone. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago I went to Hot Yoga by myself. You can read for yourself how nervous I was! I can assure you now, the one thing I totally pride myself on is the strong sense of community. Even if you come alone, you’ll be welcomed straight in by the ones who are there week after week. Remember, my classes are designed to be fun, not serious, so banter is rife (and almost always aimed at me!!). If the nerves are really getting the better of you, ask a friend to join you for the first pilates class.

7. Yoga Mat

Although non-essential as I do provide mats, it’s definitely better to have your own. My mats are used for 11 classes a week, so if you’re planning on making class a regular thing, I’d definitely recommend that you invest in your very own place of comfort! Unlike yoga, we don’t necessarily need to worry about the ‘feeling the floor’ with our mats, so it really is down to you what you go for. Depending on what we’re doing, you can work up a bit of a sweat, and you want something that’s textured like this Active Happy Place Yoga Mat to give you that grip so your hands stay firmly on that mat.

yoga mat fdj pilates

8. £5

Simples. It’s £5! And even then, you don’t physically have to bring it with you! If you book your FDJ Pilates class online, you can choose to pay online. So, let’s get booking – BOOK YOUR CLASS ONLINE NOW.

Hope you feel a bit more prepared for your class now…

See you soon.

F xo

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