Before I start giving you the total low down on everything I ate to lose 40 pounds, I thought I’d introduce you to 4 extremely simple food hacks that will help you to drop the pounds…
1 step at a time, remember.

Food Hacks No 1: Fall in love with cauliflower

If you’re not yet a lover of cauliflower, you very quickly need to start a romantic relationship with these white florets! Apart from the fact that cauliflowers are jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals, help ward off serious diseases, and balance your body’s natural hormone production, they are a MUST to put you and keep you, on that weight loss path.

A small whole head of cauliflower contains approximately 66 calories (Source: USDA). 66 CALORIES!! Now, I do not want to encourage calorie counting (it’s needless, and completely unsustainable, and totally unnecessary…and there’s far more to food than just the calorie content), but I just want to put this in total perspective for you:

There are 92 calories in ONE Mcvities Milk Chocolate Hobnob (Source: MyFitnessPal).
Medium portion of McDonalds French Fries? That’ll be 378 calories (Source: USDA).
How about a bag of Walkers Cheese Quavers? Well, that’s still 103 calories for basically a bag of air that won’t fill you up at all! (Source: WeightLossResources)

You get my point!

So, what to do with cauliflower?

Start off by substituting any rice, potato or chips in your diet with cauliflower rice. It’s SO easy to make, you can eat as much of it as you want (low calories, virtually no fat), and it will seriously fill you up.
You can even make a pizza base out of it! FAT FREE, GUILT FREE PIZZA! And brownies – actual chocolate brownies! If you need some ideas for what to do with your cauliflower, follow my Cauliflower Recipes Board

If you get chance, you should really Google the benefits of cauliflower and read just how important and great it is for yourself.

Food Hacks No 2: Bulk out your salads

fdj pilates food hacks saladSorry mum, but I’m totally going to out you here! All of my life (until I went on my huge body revamp venture), I detested salads. I mean, f*&%ing hated them. My mum’s not the most inspiring chef (she’ll admit it herself), so you can understand that when your salad only consists of Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes then you’re not going to be raving from the flamin’ rooftops!

There’s no room in this world for a boring salad…

I love salads now! There are no wrongs when it comes to constructing a decent salad. Meat in your salad? Fruit in your salad? Cheese in your salad? It’s all a go-er. It’s also the perfect place to pile in your seeds and nuts, because you’re unlikely to taste them in all that goodness. Don’t forget, you want to feel fuller for longer, so bulk it up! And don’t be afraid of your salad dressing! I mean, geeeeeez, you’re already cutting out all of the shit in your diet, you can allow yourself a bit of salad dressing!!!

I’m a huge fan of feta, olives, grapes, and onions in my salad – but more of that in my next post 😉

fdj pilates food hacks salad

Food Hacks No 3: Don’t skip breakfast

I HATE this food hack, but if you’re serious about changing your lifestyle, and changing your dress size then this is ultra important. And trust me, I tried to carry on skipping the ‘main meal of the day’, and just kept plateauing with my weight. It wasn’t until I was serious about breaking fast, that my weight loss became serious.
I hate milk, so there was no way anyway was getting me to eat cereal.  Eggs are definitely the way forward. Poached eggs on 1 slice of wholemeal toast. Omelette filled with all sorts. Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. A cheeky fried egg on a bagel! What’s not to like?!

fdj pilates food hacks eggs

If you get a bit sick of the eggs, you could always try something a bit sweeter. There are so many quick and easy recipes for overnight oats on Pinterest – make it the night before, and eat in on the go the next morning.

Food Hacks No 4: Freeze your fruit

fdj pilates food hacks fruit

Strawberries, grapes, berries, kiwi and pineapple – FREEZE THEM! This will satisfy your sweet tooth should you have one. Frozen fruit takes you a bit longer to eat, so you can’t just trough it down, and they taste like sweets!! I keep a stash of frozen fruit in the freezer – no more spoiled fruit. And if you’re not fancying eating the fruit frozen as it is, you can always whack it in a blender and have yourself a frozen smoothie. You can even take some frozen fruit, pop it in a food processor with some 0% fat greek yoghurt, freeze it again, and you’ve got yourself some homemade, guilt-free ice cream!

Oh, the endless opportunities with frozen fruit!

And there you have your 4 very simple, very effective food hacks, that will accelerate your weight loss journey – and don’t forget to plan what you’re having. That way, there’s very little room for slip-ups!

Stay tuned – a complete food overhaul coming up!

F xo

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