HOT YOGA – Is it a fad? Or was it worth it?

So, you’re probably thinking from my previous post that I’m a total hypocrite (which I’m not!) but yes – today I ventured to Yoga. I really felt like I needed to do something for myself, let off some steam and have that chance to be just a little bit selfish!

HOT YOGA. Now, before I tell you all about the class, I have to tell you – although I finally took hold of my lady balls and booked the class, I then almost shit myself at the prospect of going to a brand new class. By myself. To a place I’d never been before. By myself.
It was seriously nerve-racking! See, even Instructors get anxious about going to classes.

Anyway, hot yoga! Who on earth made hot yoga a thing?!

IT WAS AMAZING. I went in to the room to acclimatise, and within 2 minutes I was sweating. I mean, beaded sweating! I have this terrible habit of getting over-heated, feeling faint, and then actually fainting, and I prayed to fucking god that I wasn’t going to K.O!
There I was, in tropical heat, sweating like a pig, and only just starting my class! And I loved that there was no chakra-hippy-dippy-bullshit; just got on with, and it was hard (suitable for beginners still – but very challenging)! Normally, I can pretty much blag it (being stupidly bendy does have it’s upsides!), but there was no blagging it in this class. My body literally trembled worse than any newbie who’s been to my classes. It was embarrassing!! But, surprisingly satisfying at the same time.

By the end of the class, I must have sweated about 1 litre of water…no joke! I felt so good; like I’d been detoxed, centred, stretched and worked!

If you ever get the chance to give it a go, try it! It was relatively pricey at £10 a class, but it really is worth trying – nice venue, although small, and the Instructor was really welcoming and patient.


F xo

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