5 things I did that helped me to lose weight – without a diet plan!

I’ve realised from my previous posts, that it’s all still a bit hazy on how I actually lost all of my weight (which I’ll be doing again to lose another 10 pounds), so I thought I’d be a bit more transparent on how I actually did it. So, let’s start from the very beginning. Here’s your first 5 things you should do, that will help you lose weight.

No weight watchers, no slimming world, no diet pills, no cheating.

1. Accept it for what it is
We all do it; look for an easier way, a quicker way, try and outsmart the system. But there is no other way. The first thing I HAD to do, is to finally accept that there was no quick or easy way to do this. I desperately wanted to lose the pounds that I had piled on, and trust me, I had tried everything before that – Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Juice Plus, diet pills…NONE OF IT WORKS. All that time I spent on trying to find an easy way, and I could have lost the weight 3 times over. You have to accept that being serious about this means changing your life – it’s not temporary. It’s going to require you to make time, dedicate yourself, and rely on true willpower to get you through the weakest moments. Accept it for what it is, BEFORE you even attempt to change your life. Accept that it’s not going to be all plain sailing.


2. Learn to love your greens
Did I love salad, vegetables and fruit before I made the change? No I did not! Did I want pizza, and chocolate, and all things delicious? Yes, I did. But things have to change – your ‘food loves’ are what’s got you here reading this now!
YOU MUST REMEMBER: We are learning to feed our bodies for nutrition & fuel, not for comfort. Therefore, our tastebuds need to change before our body can. We need a healthy, colourful, balanced diet – so, don’t be immature with your food. You’re going to have to learn to like what’s on your plate now. It may take you a few times before you actually like it (it took me about 8 attempts at eating avocado!), but you’re most definitely going to have to put up with it in the meantime – salads, broccoli, beans, avocados. Don’t like it? No-one cares! JUST EAT IT!

‘To lose weight is not a physical challenge – it’s a mental one’

3. Moderate your weakness
We all have at least one – Bread? Chocolate? Booze? Whatever your weakness is, you’ll need to learn how to moderate it. This is a complete lifestyle change remember; there’s no point in cutting anything out completely (you’ll only miss it, binge on it, fall off the wagon and then go total Pete Tong!), so let’s moderate it.
For example; my ultimate weakness is definitely wine. Or now gin. Or beer. Cider?!. You get my point! I made it my ‘treat’, my form of relaxation when I got home from work. It’s the first thing I’d do before cooking dinner – grab a glass of wine to chill out. It doesn’t matter what your treat is, it needs to be cut down. We need to learn that these ‘treats’ are just that; treats. They are not our go-to when we’re feeling emotional, and they are not our every day habit. Whatever your luxury is, you must limit it to just once a week.

lose weight fdj pilates

‘Eating well is a form of self-respect’

4. Listen to your gut instinct – it’s your common sense

To lose weight you need a huge dose of common sense. That little voice in your head that’s saying to you ‘you shouldn’t really be eating this’, that’s what you should be guided by. Deep down, you know, what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and that’s the exact reason you do not need to be restricted by any diet plan. You know, to drop the pounds, you can’t continue to eat chocolate, biscuits, and crisps as part of your daily routine. That fruit (of any kind) is good for your body. And you know to stay out of McDonalds. Listen to your body more because it already knows.

5. Move your body
I spoke in my previous post about the importance of moving your body (if you haven’t yet read it, be sure to catch up here), and if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s even more important. Exercising will increase your metabolism, burn calories, build muscle and a lot more to accelerate your weight loss. When I was losing weight, I chose 2 forms of exercise – Pilates, and Spin. I dedicated at least 3 hours a week to Pilates, and 2 hours a week to spin. But it wasn’t just about that – I tried to stop being such a couch potato. Small changes, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, really do make a massive difference. Think smart! If you can’t dedicate as much time as I could to working out, then make those small changes.

lose weight fdj pilates

That right there is your starting point to lose weight. It’s the 5 things that are really going to get you through the first 30 days (after that, it should start becoming a bit easier for you).
If you want to know what my typical week’s meals looked like when I was on the weight loss mission, be sure to pop your email address in over there 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 and you’ll be the first to know!

Faye xo

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