Are you lazy?
I love Pilates. I love teaching Pilates. And I quite enjoy being healthy. But, let me tell you…if I could take a pill and have the perfect body – I WOULD!

So, what does that say about me?
All it says, is that I’m lazy. And if you’re thinking the same thing, then so are you!

The good news?

Laziness is not a ‘trait’ you are born with…you are not a character on The Sims, generated by a computer! Laziness is nothing more than a learnt behaviour. Unlearn it…QUICK.

10 years ago: I was training in gymnastics at least 4 times a week, working as a Ski Instructor, totally fit as a fiddle.
12 months ago: I was 25 pounds heavier (5 foot 4, weighing in at 12 stone 4 pounds!), suffering with recurrent chest infections, and miserable.

I learnt how to be lazy. Fortunately for me, a holiday snap shocked me into doing something about my body! (I may brave up to post it one day!) But fortunately for you, it’s a New Year – and a new start.

My ultimate top tips that got me out of lazy?

Sometimes someone just needs to tell you how it is, i’m afraid…

  • I read somewhere that it takes 28 days to break a habit. Lazy is a habit. Comfort eating is a habit. Cracking open a bottle of wine to relax is a habit. And sitting on the sofa when you get home from work is a habit. Be strict with yourself – give yourself those 28 days to try out a new regime before you start making judgements – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how different you’ll feel about exercise and about food.
  • Mentally prepare yourself – from this point forward, you are smoker giving up the fags! If you’ve spent the last few months eating total crap, you are going to crave it and miss it terribly. Physical hunger will not cause these cravings – emotional hunger will. Don’t give in – MAN UP!
  • It’s time to get off your arse – literally! (I explain more about that here!). Yes, swapping a carb-filled diet for a new clean eating lifestyle will initially drop the pounds, but increasing your fitness takes work, and it can’t be increased in the kitchen. Pilates may or  may not be your exercise of choice, but find something you enjoy, and dedicate yourself to it. Start thinking about your heart, your lungs, your blood pressure, your bones, your joints – YOUR BODY! You won’t be given another one.

Let go of excuses. I never really realised I was doing it…

‘I’ll go tomorrow’, ‘I’m going to start next week’, ‘I’m not feeling all that well’, ‘I only have an hour until I go out’, ‘I fell off the band wagon today so there’s no point’. You name it, I’ve said it…but guess what?! Excuses don’t burn calories!

  • Join Pinterest! You’re probably making faces at the computer right now, and this may not work for you, but it definitely worked for me. Recipes, small workouts, but the most important: FITNESS MOTIVATION! It really did keep me motivated – it may work for you.
  • Start being nice to yourself. You are special, and you deserve it.
    So, go out there and get it…GO YOU!!

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill out there for us lazies…so, LETS GET TO IT! 😉

F x

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