The 3 untold secrets to gaining the perfect body. And it’s easier than you think…

You must remember; that there’s probably not a person alive who hasn’t got one issue or another with their body. Even those over-filtered, perfectly posed Fitness Model’s you see on Instagram! And unfortunately, there are still way too many people who post shit online who reinforce your body worries and woes.


And this secret is probably the most important that I can let you into. When people post ignorant shit online that make you feel worse about any part of your body, there is something wrong with them, NOT you. You actually have a perfectly good body just how it is, even if you don’t think so. People who throw terms around like ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ have way bigger issues than you do. They are nothing more than passive-aggressive body-shamers, who are only interested in boosting their own ego by destroying yours. Don’t believe me?
This weekend, someone on my Facebook (who I’ve since rapidly deleted!), posted an article saying ‘If you’re fat, it’s your fault’. She gave her seriously unconstructed and very nonchalant opinion in agreement with the article, and then shared it with the Facebook community. Why? She was neither fat nor unfit, so why did she post it? Was it for the benefit of the so-called ‘fat’ people who would see it? OF COURSE IT FUCKING WASN’T. If you have insecurities with regards to your size (or any part of your body for that matter), your self-esteem will be seemingly lowered. Seeing this post would fill you with shame and embarrassment, and the chances of you sharing it on are slim to none. But as you begin to feel worse about yourself, they increase their superficial self-worth. People like this are not to be admired, no matter what they look like. You will always be a better person than them, so if you happen to see any bullshit like this as you’re scrolling through, just remember, they have issues!


I have absolutely no issues in being completely transparent with my Instagram. Obviously, the photos you see are of me, but I have my own issues with my body, so the brightness, contrast, and filters are always adjusted before sharing out! Your body is perfectly normal just the way it is.
My body can look like this for a photo, but it can also look like this when I’m slobbing out, which is a good 80% of the time… (and these photos were taken a mere 3 minutes apart!)

Does this make me a fake? Make me fat? Make me need to lose more weight because as a Fitness Instructor I shouldn’t have belly rolls? NO, IT FUCKING DOESN’T. This makes me a human being! I want to use my 5ft5”, size 10-12 body to INSPIRE you. To make you understand that leading a healthier life doesn’t mean throwing yourself into a fitness obsession.
I have a muffin-top because I drink lots of Prosecco (and now Gin!), and although it’s my biggest hate of my body, it’s also a sign that I am sociable, and flexible, and still up for a laugh on a Friday night! So, secret number 2? Don’t believe everything you see online. The photos you see use different poses and angles, filters and photoshop – the people in them don’t even look like that most of the time!


This is definitely the hardest secret one to crack because it requires a lot of mental strength.

  1. There is no such thing as the perfect body. You may look at someone and think ‘I want to look like that, they’re perfect’, but they don’t think so. In fact, that person thinks the same about someone else. Everybody has different ‘ideals’, different body’s they admire. There isn’t 1 single body on this planet that is ‘perfect’. Which leads me on to…
  2. There are over 7 billion people in this world – that’s 7 billion different bodies. There are no 2 bodies the same out of 7 billion. How could there ever possibly be 1 body that is considered the ‘perfect body’.
  3. Size does NOT matter. If you are a UK size 16, but are physically fit, with no health concerns caused by your size, and you are happy, YOU ARE PERFECTLY FINE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Don’t feel like you have to look like a Victoria Secret Model.
  4.  The perfect body is all in your head! It starts there and it ends there. It’s so much more important to love what you have and inspire those around you to love what they have than to look aesthetically pleasing! People love you for who you are, not for what you look like. Remember; money cannot buy kindness, humour, or decent belly laugh, and that’s what make you perfectly attractive!

And there you have it. The 3 untold secrets to help you realise that you already have a perfect body…

Much love. F xo

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