Oh, the power of posture…

Geordie Shore fan?

Whether you are or your not, I’m sure you must have seen the Social Media roar around Marnie’s weight loss!…No? Not seen it? Good job I saved the photo…
Marnie Geordie Shore Transformation

So, what do you think?

Is this really a 17lb weight loss she claims? Or is this just a case of a change in posture?

I thought I’d put this to the test just to prove the power of posture, and how a change in your posture can give you the look of instant weight loss.
Now, I by no means have the perfect body…or anywhere close to a body I should have, and to gain a before photo just like Marnie, I had to stuff a bowl full of potato into my gut! In hindsight, I should have taken the after photo BEFORE I ate potato, but there you go! That’s my excuses out of the way…
power of posture

A small tilt of the pelvis, a small lift of the body, standing with a little bit of confidence, and there you have it…I’ve lost 17lbs too!

In all seriousness though, other than just looking better, improved posture can be your answer to bad back or an aching neck, better lungs and maximised lung capacity, reducing your risk of injury, and even reducing your chances of falling into depression (don’t believe me? GOOGLE IT!).

So, how do you improve your posture?
Watch this space…;)


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