Do you really want to drop the pounds?
How much do you want it?
Are you willing to give up your favourite treat for it? Or that Friday night take-away?

Here’s how my body changed…

fat to fit


I woke up one morning, and just thought “I don’t want to feel like this any more”. And I really didn’t want to feel like I did anymore. It had nothing at all to do with my size really – but for my height and build I was overweight. I was also unfit, unhealthy, and always poorly with some sort of chest infection, or cold. And the worst thing was that I felt horrendous. I didn’t feel happy in anything I wore, I had a hissy fit every time I went out because of how I felt about the way I looked, and I was always bullying myself!

The most important thing – if you’re happy, healthy, and confident, and feeling amazing, whatever size you are, then you’re exactly where you need to be. It’s not about being a size 8 or striving for that model body, it’s about being fit, healthy and confident in yourself.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling the same way that I felt, and if you really want to know ‘the secret’ then here it is…

First things first…
There’s no secret! Like I mentioned in my previous post, there is no point whatsoever in following a diet plan. Diet plans are way too restrictive, and you cannot expect a ‘one size fits all’ to be suitable for you. The only things you need for this are; willpowerdetermination, and common sense!

In my mind, I always tried to abide by an 80/20 rule – 80% of the time good, 20% not so good. 80% of my day good, 20% not so good. 80% of the week good, 20% not so good – you get the idea. Common sense plays a huge part in this – you have to be very aware of what your senses are telling you. It happens to everyone who’s trying to watch what they eat – your inner voice will be saying to you “oooo, you shouldn’t really be eating this”. Let me give you some examples;
I know that there is nothing wrong with having scrambled egg on toast for breakfast (although, existing diet plans may have already drilled in to you that bread is no good!), or nothing wrong with yogurt and fruit. I do, however, know that having a full English breakfast every morning with all the trimmings is probably not so good! I was never over-thinking what I ate – I wasn’t drilling the calorie content on low fat yogurt, it was never yoghurt that got in me in that overweight position in the first place!- it was the weekend takeaways, lunches out, and confectionary treats to dip in to my cup of tea in the evening that did it!

I’ll go more into the food habits in the next post, but I will just tell you now, if you’re a fussy eater, then forget you’re fussy! I hated anything green, hated salads, and didn’t eat much fruit. But it’s about changing your lifestyle, and making yourself try new things. I don’t mean trying a mouthful once and then deciding you’re never eating it again – I’ve tried avocados at least half a dozen times now, and no, I’m still not a raving fan, but I will eat them for the sake of my body!

So, to prepare…expect to be cutting down and the crap you are putting in to your body – you’re not cutting it out! Just cutting down the amount! Expect to be trying new things. And expect to be ‘mindfullness eating’…eating when you’re hungry, not giving yourself strict times to eat. Food is fuel,  but it’s also a massive part of your life, so don’t make it a chore!

See you back in part 2 for the food habits!

F xx

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