If you didn’t get chance to read That 40 Pound Weight Loss Secret…Part 2 then you can catch up now…

Moving on to Part 2: It’s all about what you put in your mouth!
I spoke about that 80/20 rule in my previous post, and I’ll go into this a little more in a second. But first, I’ll just tell you how I got started.

Demolishing your weaknesses…
Alcohol, bread, biscuits, cake, take-aways/eating out – these were my weaknesses.
It’s important to destroy any sign of weakness when you start out with a lifestyle change. The reason you want to drop the pounds is to ultimately grow your self confidence, heighten your self esteem, and completely empower yourself. You may think it’s just to look a bit better in that dress – but think about it all a little deeper…

Wants to look better in that dress >>> Wants to feel better >>>Feels more confident about how looks >>> Heighten’s self esteem >>> Feels more confident all-round

There’s a lot more depth to it than that, but if you sit down and think exactly why you want to lose weight, this will be roughly what you’ll be thinking.
So…there’s no room in your new lifestyle for weakness.

Like I said in my previous post, we don’t need to say goodbye to any favourites altogether, but we do need to abolish all weaknesses to start with.
For 28 days, I didn’t eat any of the weaknesses I listed above, and I abstained from alcohol. I remember on about day 16 and I had my cousins engagement party to go to. Trust me, there’s nothing I love more than party food, but I made sure to stick to the 28 days, so I ate my own dinner before I went so I’d be full and reduce my temptation for indulging on cocktail sausages, and I drank lime & soda for the evening.

I won’t lie, it’s hard. But nothing worth having comes easy right? The hardest part is knowing you (temporarily) can’t have it. And as human beings, we always want what we can’t have!

The good news…I said to myself at the beginning, if I can do these 28 days, I’ll definitely treat myself to something really tasty (i.e. something totally shit, processed and full of fats and sugars!).
At the end of the 28 days, my taste buds had completely change. I actually didn’t want it anymore, even though I could have it.
I had completely changed my eating habits. I wanted to nourish my body with foods that would benefit it – not just foods that will drop me in weight, but foods that would give me clear skin, foods that would boost my energy, and foods that would make me happy!

By the end of the 28 days I dropped a good 21 pounds (1 and a half stone), which was a great foundation for continuing my weight loss journey – this is where I started my 80/20.
I’d highly recommend joining Pinterest – it’s free, and there are 1000’s of recipes on there. It will give you a really great start point for cleaner recipes; from fresh, colourful salads, to healthy, homemade burgers. Easy, cheap and sustainable.

I can’t specifically tell you what to eat, because everybody enjoys different things, and it’s about gaining a routine that you can sustain. Not about eating stuff for the now and having an expiry date on when you can never eat it again. I would, however, suggest trying new things. I’m always finding new things on Pinterest – some stuff I really love, other things I cannot stand. Be experimental. There’s so many things to try out there, get out of your comfort zone, and give it a go! Food can be so much fun – love pizza? Try it with a cauliflower crust. Can’t stay away from chocolate brownies? Make them out of avocados! You’d be seriously surprised at how much you can’t tell the difference! And how good you feel after eating, rather than that sluggish, fatigued carb slump.

Oh, and don’t ditch the 80/20 on weekends! You don’t need to eat shit for breakfast, lunch & dinner, and then binge on 2 bottles of wine. MODERATION!

Do it. Start NOW.

F x

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