Weight loss…the incredibly hidden secret everybody wants to know about…

It’s the question that almost everybody asks when they find out that I’ve lost 40 pounds – and it’s…’What’s the secret to your weight loss?’.
I always wonder why people think it’s a secret – I mean, with all the information out there, and what we know now about losing weight and exercising, why would people ask me for my secret? If you Google ‘How to lose weight?’ it offers up over 63 million results. So, why would anybody be interested in what I have to say?

I’ve been through my fair share of diets that promise the all important weight loss…

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Juice Plus, Slimfast, herbal slimming tablets, all in the name of weight loss…and I can 100% tell you now that none of these diets worked for me. I may have initially lost a little bit of weight with Slimming World, but I soon enough piled it all back on…and more!
Not only that, counting points, counting calories, sticking to certain groups of foods? CLAUSTROPHOBIC!

Are you asking me because you experience the same thing as I did with these diet plans? My personal opinion (and it really is totally personal – these diets may work for you and that’s great!) is that any ‘diet plan’ you follow, will fail you. Companies are so great these days with marketing and hooking you in to believe you are going to lose amount of weight with their plan, but think about it – every single human body on this planet is so unique in the way it works. Different shapes, weights, sizes, metabolisms, allergies. So how can you expect 1 diet plan to work for millions of people?!

Save your money. You do not need a diet plan.
All you need is the motivation to start, and the willpower to keep going; laziness will screw you over! Check out how pure laziness bit me in the ass!

If you’re truly serious about shedding those pounds, then I will truly tell you how I did it…
Are you ready?

To be continued…

Faye 🙂


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