WILL PILATES HELP WITH MY ACHEY BACK? Like any Fitness Instructor, I must get asked this questions at least 5 times a day…


I see it day in, day out. More so probably because I teach Pilates, I suspect, and because GP’s have discovered it to be their awesome NHS-budget-saving-hack of referring anybody with even a sniff of a bad back to Pilates to ‘strengthen their core’.  But, I don’t blame them – I can see why. Let me explain…

9 times out of 10 (and I’m talking personal experience here, so these figures are correct for what I deal with when teaching Pilates), people do not need medical intervention.

In fact, 9 people out of 10, need to get off their arse! I’m going to be pretty black and white about it…because it’s true – no point in beating around the achey, breaky bush!
Unfortunately, in our ‘day in age’, jobs and daily life require us to be quite sedentary – sitting at a desk all day? Driving a lot? Sat down for the majority of the day? Get home, have a shower, and then plonk your arse on the sofa in front of the telly for the evening, only to then get in to bed and sleep for the night?

If you’re reading this, and you suffer with back pain of some sort, just ask yourself now – was your pain the result of an injury or illness? If not, what do you currently do to exercise your muscles? BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! Not a lot? Are you using your aching joints as an excuse…? (‘Oh no, I can’t do that because of my bad back!’)? And trust me, I’m talking from experience! I’ve even admitted it on my previous post!…

Tight hamstrings, sloppy core muscles and shitty posture (read here about how posture can affect how YOU LOOK!) all contribute to the aches and pains we feel in our bodies. Our body was designed to move – to be strong and limber, and not wrapped in cotton wool! If you want to relieve your aching joints, the first thing you need to do is MOVE YOUR BODY! It’s your body’s way of telling you it needs a good old workout and a decent stretch! Can you imagine leaving a dog cooped up in the same position all day every day without exercising it?! Not only would it go stir bloody crazy, it would most likely get ill, and it would age by about 50 years!!

We’d all love to be able to pop a daily vitamin that would cure us of our weight gain, exercise woes, and various ailments, but it just doesn’t work like that…

So, in answer to your question; YES Pilates will help you with your aching back (quite significantly in fact), but it would also be grateful for any exercise you are going to offer it! Take the plunge NOW – check out my class timetable and start scheduling some ‘you-time’.
And yes, your back is almost certainly going to ache after – you want to strengthen the muscles which requires work. Would you be protectively shocked if your legs or abs were aching? Probably not. But your back and neck? Remember, these muscles need to work, flex and strengthen just like all the other muscles in your body.

Soz about being blunt and all that, but sometimes someone’s just gotta say it how it is!
And it’s always said with love…

And not to forget those with genuine problems – it’s shit waking up every day and dealing with all that pain. If you’re doing what you can with what you got, we seriously salute you.

F xo

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